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“ Our Mission is to help likeminded investors and entrepreneurs to reach their property related goals faster... ”

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“ Our research day with Investing North was excellent and extremely helpful. They were highly professional and generous with their time and expertise. Great value for money! ”

Paul Cobley


“ My JV partner and I recently visited Grimsby to check out Investing North operation and were totally blown away by their smooth running, professional operation. We got to view various properties on the market, those part way through refurbishment and finally properties refurbished for selling on to investors. ”

Debbie Buckley


“ These guys really care. They took the time to understand our strategy and our buying personalities and have done the hard work for us. The end result is we are now buying our first property with Investing North and feel very much in safe hands. ”

Debbie Buckley


“ Just to let you know that, we carried out a valuation for the purpose of remortgage for our Crosby Road Property in Grimsby and we are pleased to say that we got the valuation approved at £65,000. Considering we bought this for £41,000 approximately 15 months ago this is great news and now proceeding with the refinancing... ”

Eranga and Ruwani


“ I had a great time and learnt a ton about angel investing, the Grimsby area, property refurbs and number crunching. I also got a strong sense of your role as a mentor in helping students transform their lives. As a teacher myself, I consider this to be the true purpose of education. ”

Ben Backwell


“ Dear Investing North, I wanted to thank you both for yesterday's Sourcing Masterclass. It was a real eye opener and proved to me that speed is of the essence! I learnt a lot, especially the role play of negotiating. It showed how little I know and how much more experienced some of the others were in property. ”

Gloria Wong


“ I had great one day workshop with Investing North. Their friendly and relaxed approach made me feel comfortable and nothing was too much trouble. I asked many questions and all were answered with confidence and clarity so that I understood in all the different areas of sourcing property. The program had structure, detail and followed a logical path so that by the end of the day I felt very well equipped to immediately start sourcing property. If you are serious about sourcing property with a definite plan on how to move forward then Investing North is the place to be. Adison Bridet ”

Adison Bridet


“ I was thinking of investing north but weren't to sure until my cousin Lesley suggested go and see Investing North and attend one of his research days. He showed me around Grimsby showing me what's going on and what they are doing in the area. I must say by going on a research day it made my mind up. So anyone who is thinking of attending a research day I would really recommend it. Regards Mark ”

Mark Weston


“ As a South African I’ve travelled to several other countries around the world, but this was my very first trip to the UK. I'd like to say that I had a great research day with Investing North in Grimsby. The fact that they are such experts in this area gave me comfort that his team is doing a stunning job with foreigner persons as I experienced. He made me feel at ease and really assisted with all the factors of the trip. ”

Hermias Visser


“ I'd like to say that I had great day with Investing North in Grimsby. I think everyone who is thinking of starting their own property days and sourcing business in their areas should spend a day with you to see how it should be done and how well you need to know your area. Thank you for the day and going that extra mile taking me to the train station. Best regards Justyna ”



“ I wanted a simple structure to follow within my business to grow and create a highly successful Property sourcing business that I could generate a Income that I could convert from active income to passive income. Myself and my mom decided to do a 1 day mentoring program with Investing North to accelerate our business, we got immediate clarity for what actions we had to take in order to move forward in our business. Spending a day with Investing North has made a profound difference in our business giving a simple system to follow allowing us to create an amazing business. ”

Nic Clarke


“ We recently attended a Research day with Investing North which we thoroughly recommend to anybody looking to invest in Grimsby. As an investor finding the correct location is both challenging and crucial - as you know, getting it wrong can wipe away your monthly cash flow and investment returns. But this unique experience will firmly allow you to make the right choice in your investment area... On the day We each received a location map of Grimsby and a comprehensive overview of the town at the beginning of the day. The map was filled in during the course of the day with detailed information on streets to avoid, properties that work, what streets they work in, where they do not work and an emphasis on pitfalls on a street by street basis. Key information of the area which saved us months and months of research time into this particular area. This map is now a valuable reference tool and it give me a birds eye view of the different areas and those that are better fitted to my strategy. Time was also spent driving the streets so that you get a good feel of Grimsby. We were also shown a number of properties ranging from distressed properties, where you can add value, to properties that is being refurbished or already completed. Having attended this Research day organised by Investing North, we have come away with a greater knowledge of the potential opportunities that Grimsby has to offer and the strategies that fit the area well. The day is designed to save you time, enhance your local knowledge and to propel you towards taking the correct positive actions in your property journey - and Investing North has succeeded in doing that! It was an amazing day and opportunity - Thank you Investing North! Cronje & Concha Shawe SA Property investors ”

Concha and Cronje