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Property Sourcing

Can you answer yes to any of the following questions?

Are you a busy business owner looking to invest profits?

Are you an entrepreneur managing multiple businesses?

Do you work long hours in your current job and have little time for anything else?

Are you nervous about buying property on your own?

Are you looking to start, grow or accelerate your property investment journey?

If so, Investing North could be an essential part of your team that gets you access to below and off market property deals that you would other wise miss due to your busy lifestyle or inexperience in negotiation or just not knowing where to look.

Our mission is to help like minded investors and entrepeneurs to reach their goals faster through a Mastermind Network of trained field agents across the UK who consistently source quality property deals at geniuine 25 - 30% discounts, with healthy cashflows, strong yields, and outstanding return on investment.

With over 8 years experience of buying property we can manage your entire real estate investment purchase. Whether you require a rental property for immediate income, or a property to refurbish and sell on for a profit, or a long term capital investment property for your retirement, there’s no need to worry about estate agents, solicitors, negotiations, or endless surveys with our hassle free service.

Sourcing any property is really easy but sourcing genuine below market value deals on a consistent basis is another story. At Investing North have proven strategies to regularly find below market value deals to ensure that we can meet the needs of our clients no matter how large they wish their portfolios to become.

Our service includes;

  • Finding genuines BMV and off market property deals
  • Due Dilligence including photographs, comparables and rent appraisals
  • Negotiation
  • Providing access to reputable and reliable mortgage brokers and solicitiors
  • Deal progression or 'hand holding' through the whole process
  • Solving any issues that arise
  • Key Collection
  • Liaison with Refurbishment and Letting Teams

Before we source a property for you a member of our team willl have a one to one with you at no cost, either over the phone or in person to make sure we understand your requirements fully and that you are aware of whats involved.

When we find a deal that is right for you we will let you know immediatley so you to carry out your own due dilligence to make sure you are satisfied. When you are happy and would like to proceed we will ask you to sign our sourcing agreement and to pay us the £500 deposit to reserve the deal.

Alex Demianenko - Property Investor and Sourcer

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