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Welcome to Investing North

At Investing North, our mission is simple – to help like-minded property investors reach their goals faster, by providing quality deals and support in 4 key areas in the UK

We can help you build a successful property business by (i) sourcing properties for you that result in positive cash-flow from day one, (ii) managing the refurbishment (renovation) of the property to be aligned to what the market wants and (iii) education on where to begin and how to FastTrack your property investments.  

With over 8 years’ of property investment experience, we can assist in managing your entire real estate investment portfolio. Whether you require a rental property for immediate income, a property to refurbish and sell on for a profit, or a long term capital investment property for your retirement, Investing North can help. There is no need to worry about estate agents, solicitors, negotiations, or endless surveys as we cover that as part of our end-to-end service.

Whether you are new to investing, have an existing property portfolio or are just looking to get started in property, look no further. As well as assisting property investors to grow their own portfolios, we are also passionate about educating and coaching our clients to build and run their own property sourcing businesses.

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Alex Demianenko – Property Investor and Sourcer