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Property Sourcing Workshops


Many property investors while building their property portfolios find they have excess leads or deals and would like to earn cash from selling these on or would like to know how to earn a significant primary or secondry income through the creation of a consistent pipeline of deals that can be sold to other property investors who are time poor or poorly positioned to be able to find their own. 

At Investing North we carry out regular training days giving property investors an introduction into how to set up a business and source property investments  or other investors.  Most active property investors are already already viewing and sourcing houses for themselves so why not take it one step further, and attend our 1 day workshop and learn how to make an additional income from their existing activities.

On the day we will go through a step by step process to on how to turn your existing property activities into, or if you haven't started in property yet how to start and build, your own property sourcing business.

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We will cover the following:

1 - How to become the expert in your area
2 - How to get sellers calling you (we cover 8 main strategies)
3 - Negotiating the deal - what to say and what not to say! 
4 - How to package the deal and how you earn your fee

5 - We will go through the contracts and when and how you get paid.
6 - How to run and manage your database and how to follow up on leads
7 - Putting your power team in place - this is crucial as if you get this right it could save you loads of time!
8 - Planning and running your own 'Research Day Programme' tso you get paid for viewing houses. Your first research day will effectively pay for this 1 day workshop
9 - How to work with estate agents
10 - Dealing with distressed properties and project Management

Heres what one of our successful students has to say:

' I went to the workshop and I can say that I could start sourcing properties immediately and I am making a good part time salary, I would recommend this day to anyone' James Mckernon
James is happy for you to call him to find out more about what he thought about the day!

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Sammy Haliday Sales Director

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